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@ Local, National & International Scientific Events





  • TBA @ University of St Andrews: 2nd St Andrews-Vienna Workshop [St Andrews (GBR): postponed].

  • “Squaring Genealogy with Engineering Methods: How and Why?” @ University of St Andrews: Genealogy and Conceptual Engineering [St Andrews (GBR): postponed].

  • “An Empirical Method for Applied Conceptual Engineering” 

    • @ University of St Andrews: Applied Conceptual Engineering [St Andrews (GBR): 2021-05-15];

    • @ University of St Andrews: The Implementation Challenge 2 [St Andrews (GBR): 2021-03-16];

    • @ University of St Andrews: Conceptual Engineering Seminar [St Andrews (GBR): 2020-12-15];

    • @ University of St Andrews: The Implementation Challenge 1 [St Andrews (GBR): 2020-12-10].

  • “Broad-Spectrum Conceptual Engineering” 

    • @ University of St Andrews: Conceptual Engineering Seminar [St Andrews (GBR): 2019-12-17];

    • @ University of Vienna: 1st St Andrews-Vienna Workshop [Vienna (AUT): 2019-12-16].

  • “The Bootstrapping Challenge: What Conceptual Engineering Should Be all About?” @ University of Barcelona: LOGOS Seminar [Barcelona (ESP): 2019-10-09].

  • “A Naturalized Conceptual Analysis” @ University of Amsterdam: Symposium on Philosophy Within its Proper Bounds by Édouard Machery (OUP: 2017) [Amsterdam (NLD): 2018-06-01].

  • “Reshaping the World: A Systematic Unified Framework for Conceptual Engineering” 

    • @ University of St Andrews: Conceptual Engineering Seminar [St Andrews (GBR): 2018-09-25];

    • @ Institute for Logic, Language, and Computation: LoLa Day [Amsterdam (NLD): 2018-01-26];

    • @ University of Amsterdam: Departmental Lunch [Amsterdam (NLD): 2018-02-23];

    • @ Cambridge University: Cambridge Mind Seminar [Cambridge (GBR): 2018-01-23];

    • @ University of Oslo: ConceptLab Core Seminar [Oslo (NOR): 2018-01-16].


  • “Broad-Spectrum Conceptual Engineering”

    • In Symposium: ‘Metaphilosophical Issues in Conceptual Engineering’ @ Utrecht University: 10th European Congress for Analytic Philosophy (ECAP) [Utrecht (NLD): 2020-08-24/2020-08-28];

    • In Symposium: ‘Metaphilosophical Issues in Conceptual Engineering’ @ University of Valencia: 9th Meeting of the Spanish Society for Analytic Philosophy (SEFA) [Valencia (ESP): 2019-11-30/2019-11-31];

    • In Symposium: ‘What Method for Conceptual Engineering?’ @ Czech Academy of Sciences: 16th Congress on Logic, Methodology, and Philosophy of Science and Technology (CLMPST) [Prague (CZE): 2019-08-05/2019-08-10].

  • “The Implementation Challenge from a Psychological Point of View”. In Panel: ‘The Implementation Challenge for Conceptual Engineering’ @ University of Edinburgh: Society for Applied Philosophy Annual Conference (SAP) [Edinburgh (GBR): 2020-07-03/2020-07-05].

  • “Concepts as Functional Kinds” @ University of Kent: 94th Joint Session of the Mind Association and the Aristotelian Society [Canterbury (GBR): 2020-07-10/2020-07-12].

  • “Which Concept of Concept for Conceptual Engineering?” @ University of Warsaw: 3rd Context, Cognition and Communication Conference (CCC) [Warsaw (POL): 2020-06-18/2020-06-21].

  • “Philosophical versus Psychological Theories of Concepts for Conceptual Engineering” Ruhr-University Bochum: EXTRA Workshop.3 [Günzburg (GER): 2020-05-25/2020-05-27].

  • “The Bootstrapping Challenge: Foundational Issues in Conceptual Engineering” @ University of Porto: Mind, Language, and Action Group Research Seminar (MLAG) [Porto (PRT): 2019-03-11].



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