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ARCHÉ Conceptual Engineering Seminar pos


[2020/21] Research Webinar: Arché Conceptual Engineering Seminar @ ARCHÉ Philosophical Research Center (University of St Andrews):

  • The seminar deals with foundational and applied issues in conceptual engineering, and features presentations by world-leading philosophers.

  • The seminar takes place every Tuesday (3-5pm UK time) on zoom, during Arché's semesters (mid-September/mid-December, late March/end of June).

[2019] Reading Group: Foundational Issues in Conceptual Engineering @ LOGOS Research Group (University of Barcelona - Department of Philosophy) [Fall Semester].


[2018] ‘Naming Logic(s) II’ @ 6th World Congress and School on Universal Logic: w/ Göran Sundholm (Leiden).

[2018] ‘Philosophy Within its Proper Bounds’ @ University of Amsterdam: w/ Édouard Machery (Pittsburgh):

  • Sponsorship: CLUE+ Symposium Grant;

  • Co-host: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

[2017] ‘The Cultural Evolution of Social Cognition’ @ University of Amsterdam: w/ Richard Menary (Macquarie):

  • Sponsorship: Amsterdam Brain and Cognition + SMART Cognitive Science.



[2021] ‘Applied Conceptual Engineering (ACE)’ @ ARCHÉ Research Center (University of St Andrews):

  • Sponsorship: Thought Conference Grant;

  • Co-organizer: K. Scharp.

[2021] ‘The Implementation Challenge 2’ @ ARCHÉ Research Center (University of St Andrews).

[2020] ‘The Implementation Challenge 1’ @ ARCHÉ Research Centre (University of St Andrews).

[2019] ‘Issues in Conceptual Ethics and Conceptual Engineering' @ LOGOS Research Group (University of Barcelona):

  • Co-organizers: E. Díaz-León & T. Marques.

[2020] ‘Metaphilosophical Issues in Conceptual Engineering (MICE)’ @ 10th European Congress on Analytic Philosophy (University of Utrecht).

[2020] ‘The Implementation Challenge for Conceptual Engineering (ICCE)’ @ Society for Applied Philosophy Annual Conference 2020 (University of Edinburgh).

[2019] ‘Metaphilosophical Issues in Conceptual Engineering (MICE)’ @ 9th Meeting of the Spanish Society for Analytic Philosophy (University of Valencia).

[2019] ‘What Method for Conceptual Engineering? (MET4CE)’16th Congress on Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science and Technology (Czech Academy of Sciences).






[2018] APES Lecture: ‘The P<.005 Controversy’ by Édouard Machery (Pittsburgh) @ University of Amsterdam (Department of Philosophy):

  • Sponsorship: CLUE+ Symposium Grant;

  • Co-host: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

[2017] Joint DiP & Cognition@ILLC Lecture: ‘Mathematical Cognition’ by Richard Menary (Macquarie) @ University of Amsterdam (ILLC):

  • Sponsorship: Amsterdam Brain and Cognition + SMART Cognitive Science.

[2017] Masterclass: ‘Cognitive Integration’ by Richard Menary (Macquarie) @ University of Amsterdam (Department of Philosophy):

  • Sponsorship: Amsterdam Brain and Cognition + SMART Cognitive Science.

[2017] DiP Lecture: ‘Unreliability and Parochialism’ by Édouard Machery (Pittsburgh) @ University of Amsterdam (ILLC).


  • [2019/2020] Guest Editor @ Inquiry. An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy (Taylor and Francis): Special Issue: “Foundational Issues in Conceptual Engineering” [Co-editor: Steffen Koch]:

    • Invited contributors: David Chalmers, Catarina Dutilh Novaes, Édouard Machery, Amie Thomasson.

  • [2017/18] Section editor @ Open Philosophy (De Gruyter Open, Warsaw): International Open Access, peer-reviewed academic journal covering all areas of philosophy. url:

  • [2016/18] Temporary editorial consultant @ Cambridge University Press (Cambridge): Frege. A Philosophical Biography. By Dale Jacquette (2019).

  • [2016] Temporary editorial collaborator @ Fédération Internationale des Instituts d’Études Médiévales (Barcelona-Roma): Formal Approaches and Natural Language in Medieval Logic. Ed. by Laurent Cesalli, Frédéric Goubier, and Alain de Libéra, with the collaboration of Manuel Gustavo Isaac (2016).