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Projects, Papers & Talks

My current work is in metaphilosophy, with a focus on philosophical methodology. In this field, I specialize in conceptual engineering, and more precisely, on both the theoretical foundations and methodological framework of conceptual engineering (see PROJECTS #3). Before that, I have developed a semiotic epistemology (viz. the theory of how we do know things with signs) grounded on a presentationalist, act-based theory of intentionality — which was meant to set up the epistemological background for my current work in conceptual engineering (see PROJECT #2).

In my early postdoctoral research, my interests were mainly focused on the epistemological import of Husserl's philosophy of logic and mathematics (see PROJECT #1). My PhD thesis was based on an extensive chronological exegesis of Frege's and Husserl's theories of meaning from a semiotic standpoint and has produced a systematic reconstruction of their conceptions of logic from 1879 to 1901 (see PROJECT #0).

Additionally, I have broad research interests in historical epistemology (&HPS/HOPOS), history of philosophy (early analytic philosophy, early phenomenology, Austrian philosophy), and philosophy of linguistics.

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